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Membership FAQs

1. Who can join SHRM Jacksonville? 

Anyone who has an interest in the human resources profession. We welcome senior HR executives, entry level HR staff, consultants, vendors, business managers who have some HR responsibility, writers, and speakers.  One of our Membership Types is right for you; if you are uncertain which Type to select you may either complete the application and we will review and correct if necessary or you can contact us at before you join.

2. What does it cost?

The full cost of Professional, General or Associate membership breaks down to:

Annual Membership for SHRM National  $209.00 
Application Fee for SHRM Jacksonville  $ 25.00
Annual Dues for SHRM Jacksonville  $ 50.00
Total Annual First Year Membership Cost  $284.00

Monthly Meeting Cost (Typical Year): Includes meal, charged only for meetings you attend.

Eight meetings at $35.00 each           $280.00
Three meetings at $50.00 each           $150.00
Total Annual (Typical) Meeting cost           $430.00

 Approximate cost, including all meetings:            $714.00


The cost of Student, In-Transition and Emeritus memberships are less, see “Membership Types” table.


3. How do I join?

Obtain a copy of your SHRM National Membership card that shows your Member I.D. # and Expiration Date.

  • Log in to your SHRM National account at
  • Hover over “MEMBERSHIP” on the home page
  • Click on “Benefits of Membership”
  • Click on “Current Members” 
  • Click on “Print Your Membership Card”
  • A Save document screen will pop up on your computer, type in the file name you want your card to be saved as and select the folder you want as the destination. (Write it down!)
Go to the SHRM Jacksonville website at and click on MEMBERSHIP, then MEMBERSHIP TYPES to select the type that you feel best fits your situation.
  • Click on “JOIN SHRM JACKSONVILLE”  then click on the link to “Online Application”
  • Select your Membership Type
  • Create your Registration Username
  • Confirm your Membership Type selection
  • Complete the required fields in the “Step 2 – Member Information” screen
  • Under the section “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION”  the first field is “SHRM National Membership Card”; here you click “UPLOAD FILE” AND select the file name and location where you stored your card.
  • Click Submit and follow the directions to make a credit card payment for your dues and application fee.
  • If you have any questions or experience any difficulty you can contact for help. 

4. When will my membership expire?

Your SHRM Jacksonville membership expires on the same day as your SHRM National membership expires (which is printed on your membership card).  If you are already a member of SHRM National and join SHRM Jacksonville, your SHRM Jacksonville membership will always expire on the same day as your existing SHRM National membership.  We do not pro-rate the membership dues for partial year memberships.  Our annual dues, at $50.00 per year, are very low because SHRM National subsidizes your dues to promote Chapter membership. 


5. Will I get a notification that my SHRM Jacksonville Membership is expiring?

Yes, you will receive an email reminder 30 days in advance of your expiration date, and another one day in advance of your expiration.  Remember, you will also receive reminder emails from SHRM National; the two organizations are separate so you must renew and pay separately.  We find that if your employer receives these reminders/invoices they often will pay one or the other, but not both, believing they are duplicates.


6. How long does it take to process my application to join SHRM Jacksonville?

If you upload your SHRM National membership card with your application, it takes between one and three business days. 


7. Do I have to provide any documentation to support my membership application?

The only mandatory documentation is your SHRM National Membership Card upload.

If you are registering as a Student Member or an In-Transition Member, we may contact you for details. The more fields you complete on your application beyond the required fields, the more we are able to understand your situation without contacting you.  As an example, Student Members may want to mention their Student Chapter advisor name.


8. I am not able to log in to my SHRM Jacksonville Profile!

This is often because you have an outstanding invoice.  If you can’t resolve this by paying online contact the Membership Director at


9. Can I reset my password myself?

Yes; first make sure you are not logged in.  Then, from the “Member Login” screen click the “Click here to reset your password.” link and follow the prompts from there. 


10. Why should I provide both a personal and business email address in my Member Profile?

Your membership is a personal one, meaning that it moves with you if you change employers.  If we only have your business email and you change companies, we lose contact with you.  You can specify that we communicate with you via your business email, and your personal email does not have to be visible to other members, but we can use it to re-establish contact if you change jobs and forget to alert us.