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Volunteer Center

Volunteer with us!

Did you know that volunteering allows you to live longer, happier lives; establish strong relationships; is good for your career; is good for society AND gives you a sense of purpose? Have you ever wondered how you can become more engaged in SHRM Jacksonville? Now is your chance to maximize your membership through volunteerism. By utilizing your knowledge, skills and talents you can provide an amazing service to your community. Whether you are looking for small volunteer assignments, want to serve on a committee or use your leadership skills to serve as a chapter leader, there is something for everyone!


Types of Volunteerism


Micro-volunteerism focuses on short-term or event-based assignments that can be completed in a matter of a few hours. This type of volunteering does not require a long-term or on-going commitment. Examples include: Resume Reviewer, Mock Interviewer, Focus Group participant, etc.

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Committee/Project Based

Committees are formed to focus on a specific function that supports the overall Chapter's Strategic Plan. Committees are created around the Society for Human Resource Management Core Leadership Areas (CLAs) and in accordance with the Chapter By-laws. Committees are long-term/on-going commitments to the Chapter. Click on the link below to find out more details on these committees.

 Annual Conference Committee  Emerging Professionals (YP)  Operations Committee
 Business Partner Committee  Legislative Affairs Committee  SHRM Foundation Committee
 Certification Committee  Marketing Committee  Social Media "Street Team"
 College Relations Committee  Membership Committee  Workforce Readiness Committee
 Diversity Committee  Nominating Committee1  Volunteer Engagement Committee
 1Committee formed by the Chapter President for the sole purpose of interviewing and selecting the Board of Director slate.


General Information on Committees

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Chapter Leadership

There are various leadership roles that run and maintain the Chapter. Some leadership roles serve on the Board of Directors while others focus on the leadership of certain activities/committees that report in to the Board.

Non-board leadership positions may have oversight of a specific committee or be the supporting leader to a committee that is led by a Board member. These positions would report in to the Board and often serve in the succession planning of future Board members. There are no term limits for these positions.

The Board of Directors serve as the governing body of the Chapter and include leaders of Core Leadership Areas and additional support positions that jointly oversee the activities of the Chapter. Board members take part in the strategic planning for the Chapter and provide tactical execution of the day-to-day running of the Chapter. Board members are encouraged to be in the succession plan for future Executive Committee roles. Being a Board member requires active engagement, tactical and leadership abilities.  

Lastly, the Board of Directors includes Executive Committee members that lead the strategic planning and direction of the chapter. They serve to make business decisions, within the guidelines of the Chapter By-laws, in between board meetings. Executive Committee members are mentors to Board members, requiring active engagement and leadership responsibilities. They ensure the Chapter has consistent leadership through succession planning and recruiting and retention efforts.

The interview and selection of Board positions is completed by the Nomination Committee1 designated by the Chapter President. Board positions are 1-year terms up to 4 termswith the exception of the President, President-elect, VP Programs and Immediate Past President which serve a up to 2 terms. Click below to view the job descriptions of each leadership position.

 Executive Committee:  Board of Directors:  Chapter Leadership Roles:
 President  Business Partner Chair   Conference Chair 
 President-Elect  Certification Director  HR FL Conference Ambassador
 VP Programs  College Relations Director   HR FL Wellbeing Ambassador
 Treasurer  Diversity Director   Volunteer Chair
 Secretary  Emerging Professionals/YP Chair2    
 VP Membership2  Legislative Affairs Director  
 Past President  Marketing Chair  **Job description coming soon.
   Membership Director  
   Operations Chair  
   SHRM Foundation Director  
   Social Media Chair  
   Workforce Readiness Director
 2Pending SHRM National approval of the 2019 ByLaws Revisions.

**Please note: the 2020 Board of Directors Call for Nominations is now closed.**

Below is a list of open positions. Please view the job description(s) above:

2020 Social Media Chair


SHRM Jacksonville Board Member Expectations Statement 

If you have any questions regarding volunteering with SHRM Jacksonville, please contact the Volunteer Chair at